Healing the world one relationship at a time

Experience integrity, confidence and passion in your relationships

Healing the world one relationship at a time

Experience integrity, confidence and passion in your relationships

In order to transform your relationships and help you experience true intimacy...

...A Coaching Program Must Have 3 Components:

a process that works at a deeper level than talk therapy

a safe and supportive container

accountability and encouragement

Unfortunately, most relationship coaching falls into one of two categories: either they just teach you interpersonal skills without understanding your unique background or they jump into sex coaching before you're ready. Either way, you know this isn't where you want to start. You want someone to take the time to get to know you and how you show up to your relationships. You want someone who will hear your experience of past relationships and what you'd love to experience in the future. You want a coach who will offer guidance in how to move from where you are now to where you want to be. And after that you want someone who will hold space for you every step of the way, encouraging you to move through the hard parts and keep focussed on finding true intimacy in your relationships.

A coach can't help you walk a path they aren't willing to travel themselves. Most relationship coaches can't relate to your trauma or abusive past relationships because they haven't experienced anything like that. Most programs are just regurgitating the same old stuff we have all seen and tried. It causes more frustration and lack of esteem to feel like you are failing all over again because the program doesn't really address your needs.

A guide cannot take you where they are afraid to go themselves.

Ailsa Is Different

Ailsa understands what you've been through from first hand experience. She has developed a program based on her own healing and from helping to transform many people's lives and relationships. The process has been simplified down to the absolute necessities and made simple yet powerful by using a multilevel approach.

Ailsa understands that doing this work is challenging and also how crucial it is for every aspect of our lives. Ailsa will be your biggest advocate and your loudest cheerleader.

Ailsa's clients have rebuilt their confidence, clarified their values and created relational boundaries that are both resilient and flexible. People have found a new sense of inner peace and joy that they could never access before.

3 Reasons You should not work with me.

We need to be honest about something. Unlike all the other coaches out there, we’re not for

everyone. So here are three reasons you should NOT work with me.

Don’t Work With me If You want to 'fix' the other person

Our clients are committed to themselves first and foremost. If you are in a place of wanting to blame others for your experiences, then you are not a fit for our programs.

Our clients showed up coachable, decisive, and willing to do the work on themselves. They didn’t make excuses. They faced their setbacks, overwhelm, challenges, and fears and transformed them. They owned their results

and earned their success.

Your results are 100% up to you.

Don’t Work With me If you're not ready to invest in yourself

Doing the hard work to succeed in building healthy relationships takes an investment. You have to be willing to invest time, energy and yes, even money, in order to learn to value yourself so that transformation becomes possible.

Our clients want more. They want more pleasure, more joy and more intimacy in their lives and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. So if that’s not you, we still love you, but you’re not ready to work with us.

Don’t Work With me if you are still stuck in the 'victim' mindset

If you are sure that no one can help you and that you won't ever be able to have the kind of relationship that lets you wake up joyful and in gratitude every day, then this is not the place for you.

You may be thinking you'll be ready someday, but unless you are ready to let go of being the victim right now, it's not going to work. If you want someone else to come in and do the hard work of changing your life before you lift a finger to shift your own thoughts, beliefs and actions you won't be able to maintain the results.

So let’s talk about who is a fit for our Relationship programs

Who We Are For...

If you are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. If you are committed to challenging your past experiences of relationships. If you know that you have a lot to offer to the people in your life but just don't know how to step up and show who you are.

If you have a deep desire to love and be loved. If you want to experience intimacy in a way that uplifts you. If you finally want to feel free to say what you want. You’re not alone.

This process works. You can finally show up as YOU and experience fulfilling relationships.

I have found her skill and her insights to be incredibly supportive and healing.

Over time, Ailsa has helped me to trust more and more how my own body serves as an important source of information. In striving to release painful 'hang-ups', to soften my rough, calloused soul-edges, and to become attuned to ever more gentle nuances of joy and happiness in my life, I have found her skill and her insights to be incredibly supportive and healing. It is an on-going process for which I am increasingly grateful every day, as I see the effects not only in my own life but in the lives of those closest to me also.