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Continuing education is so important for health and wellness professionals in order to keep up to date with new methods, research and practices. Learning new skills and practicing with colleagues in your field are vital to keeping your work up to date and fresh. Ailsa's courses and workshops combine the best of hands on skills and methodology so that you come away with new vitality and excitement for your sessions with clients as well as a deeper understanding of yourself and the qualities you bring to your particular field.

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Guasha Therapy

Guasha is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, in these hands on courses we will focus on the Fascial aspects of soft tissue treatment. The first full days of learning will cover basic techniques and the second day covers advanced fascial work and guasha for the face and neck.

Embodied Boundaries and Conscious Consent

Boundaries and Consent are crucial to both healthy personal relationships and clear Professional ones. In this 2 day course we will learn about and experience how to create and maintain good boundaries and clear agreements.

Sacred Spaces

This 4 day intensive in person course takes participants deep inside their core experience of themselves as both giver and receiver. The Fascial connections between the jaw and the pelvis are the main focus of this advanced course. Previous Fascial work experience is recommended.

Professional Boundaries

This two hour pre-recorded webinar will offer you some clear guidelines and exercises to strengthen and clarify your professional boundaries.

Treating the Anterior Thorax and Breast Massage

The anterior chest wall and the breast tissue itself is highly relevant for the practitioner to understand and work with. Everything from sports injuries, to pre and post natal support to surgical interventions benefit from work in this area. Monitoring and maintaining healthy breast tissue is also an important treatment option. This 2 day course will give you the basic understanding and techniques to work confidently and compassionately in this area.

The Fascial Feel

This introductory course will help anyone who works with the body and touch to understand the fascial system and how to work with this in a trauma-informed way. The course usually runs for 4 half days totalling 16 hours of class time.

Sacred Somatics Practitioner Training

level 1

A 20 hour training to enhance your ability to integrate Somatic awareness and practices with Touch-based Health Practices.

Sacred Somatics Practitioner Training

level 2

Stay tuned for more info.

Massage and MFR training for Touch Practitioners

An Introductory course followed by an intermediate Fascial Course offered specifically for Somatic Sex Educators and students.


When asked "Would you recommend this course to others" one participant stated,

"Yes, because the details that are covered in the course build one on top of the other to eventually bring you to a point where you fully understand what each point is and how to manouvre through it. The content itself is full and complete."

Another participant in my weekend Intro to Massage course offered,

"Thanks for a great weekend in T.O. I feel more confident, and I’m grateful we had ample time to practice and experience firsthand the power of (healing) touch."

Another participant shared,

"Ailsa has a warm, loving and magical way of helping you feel safe when really looking at yourself"

After one of my 4 day retreat courses,

"It was an amazing experience in reclamation after a feeling of disownment, and the effects are still rippling through me. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it, and anyone who is reading this now! If you haven't already studied with Ailsa, I highly highly highly recommend it!"

A client who watched a webinar training spoke,

" I attended the Ethics of Touch webinar, which was FABULOUS and should have been mandatory for members I would say. Quality webinar, thank you!! I took a good few pages of notes..."

All Courses Taught By Ailsa Keppie BSc, RMT, SSE, MFR therapist

Ailsa works as an RMT and Somatic therapist in Nova Scotia and is in her 10th year of practice. She has taken post graduate training in myofascial release, Somatic psychotherapy, Intimacy and Somatic Sex Education, ethics and boundaries as well as being mentored in Guasha therapy by an OMD. Providing the knowledge and skills necessary for RMT’s and other health professionals to offer safe and therapeutic work is an important goal for Ailsa.