Healing the world, one relationship at a time

Experience integrity, confidence and passion in your relationships

You are an empath, a compassionate healer.

You are someone who stands against oppression and you recognize the power of relationships to create more loving community.

Deep down You know you are an amazing human being but you have been held back by forces seemingly beyond your control.

You have survived obstacles and challenges that would have defeated most people and you recognize your inner strength. You know that now is the time to rise and make a change even in the face of fear. You understand that transformation is a requirement for your success.

Without a mentor who understands and can guide you through these dark places you may get stuck in pain, guilt or confusion. Or worse, you might never have the opportunity to know what gifts you have at all.

We can help.

Most relationship strategies are based finding a soulmate or someone who will make us happy. We may have been told that in order to transform our experience we must do the inner work to integrate mind, body and spirit but we just want the quick fix. This never works though, we must bring ourselves into right relationship with ourself, others and the world we live in to have lasting happiness.

This is why focussing on relationship on all levels is the basis for our work together. Intimacy and conflict weave together to forge loving connections that empower our deepest sense of Self.

Are you ready?

Ailsa has been a God send for me...

...Through her caring, treatments, and easy-going demeanour, I have, I believe, experienced feelings, emotions and a general sense of wellbeing. I now long for more sessions and a better sense of “normal” as I have been stuck for way too long.


We are different

Einstein said "You can't solve a problem on the same level it was created" and we use this approach to delve deeply into the core beliefs and patterns that cause so much pain and suffering in relationships. The body's perceptions are a key to understanding and transforming these habitual patterns that keep people stuck for years. This bottom up approach to the work keeps things moving forward in surprising ways. Most therapies begin with the mind but here we allow the mind to make sense of things only after we have felt the truth in our body.

This is why people are reaching out to work with us and finding hope, even after other healing modalities have failed.

Welcome to our site. Click on the button below to find links to my work, and when you’re ready, reach out. I'll be here.

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All the best,

Ailsa Keppie

Oh I forgot to tell you I experienced pleasure in a different way this week it was really really neat.

I couldn't find my egg separator which is this stupid little plastic gadget that I'm hoping I threw out by now anyway I cracked the egg open and let the yolk sit in my palm while the white separated all that was left was the yolk which was my goal... And boy did it ever feel neat... it's entirely incased substance that smooth as silk... was lovely I even put it on Vernon hand and his are quite rough but he experienced it it was a great feeling.

Yes try it it will symbolize how very strong we are and how very gentle we can be at the same time...it was a great experience. Today, I am going outside to play in the snow.

Shelley Bellefontaine

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